Bipem, trophies on your own design!

*[Only for professionals]


Product customization is one of the most relevant trend in our sector. Since 1977 we have always been offering a customized product, according to our customers designs, drawings and ideas, fulfilling all of your needs. As we are handcrafters, we have also the flexibility to adequate our product to your ideas.


Custom design in Bipem takes two phases. The prototyping phase includes a study of your enquiry (idea, drawing, design) and an estimate of the unitary cost of each piece. This phase ends with a budget of all the enquiry. On the other hand. the production phase begins with the approval of the budget and ends with the production and the delivery of the goods.


Here you have some examples of some of custom designs we have done through the years.


"Custom Byke" Special Model
Model 666 (currently in the catalog)



Special Model for Michelin Brand


"Auriga" Racing Special Model


Special "Tram" Model


Athletics Special Model



For budgeting you must be a Bipem client. If you are interested in, please contact to our comercial department.