Bipem, trophies since 1977

Bipem, since 1977! Thanks to Bipem professional team, during these more than 30 years we have designed and launched on the market very creative trophies by using exclusively first quality materials with the aim of offering our customers alternative and original products, all manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.



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Bipem SA

Calle C, 14

Polígono Industrial La Baileta de Can Xinxa

08348 - Cabrils (Barcelona)


Telf. +34.937 595 595

Fax. +34.937 500 689




Bipem, since 1977, with the aim of being one of the trend setters in our sector. All this effort has been recognized by winning the Best New Product Most Creative in ARA 2008 Show at Las Vegas. We would like to share with you this award. Without your recognition and confidence this could not be possible. Thank you all!






We see this award as a recognition to creativit and talent. A recognition to Bipem distinct stamp. A recognition to all these years of effort for being at the top of the sector



You can see in the picture the model ref. 599, Best New Product Most Creative in ARA 2008 Show.
















A detail for the history, the main page of Bipem's very first catalog.





The early years in Bipem we were focused in cups mainly, always with the aim of being innovative in colors, finishes and forms.


You can see in the picture some of our cups with one of our most recognised finishes, in shades of gold.







By acquiring the oldest trophy manufacturer in Barcelona, Bipem opened his range of products to exclusive and high design trophies. This represented a definitive step forward to what Bipem is representing today.




We changed the focus to trophies, as you can see in the picture with our first exclusive trophies collection.



Today we have a wide catalogue, with lots of figures and possibilities. We are also trying to find new categories (such as corporate awards or artistic creations) and investing in new and emerging sports.



You can see in the image our wide range of figures, available in all sports and categories.

We are now going international, with the aim of let the world now and see our products. You can find us in many international events and trade shows, such as Expopremium (Venice, Italy), Eurotrophex (Maastrich, Belgium) or ARA Show (Las Vegas, USA).